The beginnings of.. something.

By Rendelven, 20 March, 2024

I've been wanting to start my website back up. I usually code everything by hand, but for the time being I wanted a system I could write some variation on a 'blog'. It could also hold my code, and other projects. It's a start.

I'm thinking I will have a few different threads in these 'blogs', but I will try to keep them organized as such. I think these have mostly fallen out of favor, but perhaps there are still those out there who actually like to read.

I've started learning how to use 'Rust'. It's a new programming language and one I've really enjoyed utilizing.  It's been a number of years since I've actually done any coding. I do enjoy it. I hope to document some of my forays into different projects. 

I always have grand ideas of what I want to do but I seem to never follow through.